Insurance for a 1:1 device is completely optional, please review the below information to make your decision.

Only students that are currently in grades 6-12 are eligible for insurance, insurance is NOT eligible for students K-5 as they are not provided 1:1 devices that are taken home.
Please do not purchase insurance if your student is not in grade 6-12.

Insurance Information

Insurance Coverage and Limitations

Please review the insurance coverage items and policy below.  By participating in purchasing insurance you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the insurance listed here.

The device insurance covers:

  • Accidental drops (cracked screen, cracked/damaged frame, internal component damage)
  • Damaged charger (worn/damaged charger end, worn/torn charging cable)
  • Accidental spills
  • Loss of device due to environment (fire, flood, power surge/electrical, other natural disaster)
  • Normal use/wear and tear component replacement (battery, motherboard, microphone, camera, ports, keyboard, touchpad)
  • Stolen device (police report must be filed)
  • * Additional claims may be accepted if the student was not at fault, this will be decided on a per case basis decided by the technology department.

The device insurance does NOT cover:

  • Lost device
  • Lost charger (a lost charger 
  • Vandalism/purposeful damage *
  • An attempt to open the device, perform any type of physical/part self-repair or part replacement will VOID the insurance for the school year, this is not refundable.

* It is up to the discretion of the technology department to determine if damage was purposeful or accidental.  Most claims submitted as accidental are quickly accepted as such, however we may ask for information and details of what happened during a claim process to assist in this determination. 

Coverage limitations

  • Insurance purchases cannot be retroactive, for example you cannot submit a repair claim, receive an invoice for $75 for a repair and purchase the insurance instead.  Insurance must be in place before a repair claim in order to be used.
  • Please note, the acceptance and directive of performing a repair and/or replacement is up to the discretion of the technology department.
  • A maximum claim of the following will be accepted for coverage.  Any claim numbers beyond this count will be invoiced to you at full part/replacement cost:

Costs outside of insurance

The costs below illustrate the cost for repair or replacement of parts for the 1:1 device.

If you opt to NOT get the insurance or you are outside your allowed claim number, these are example prices you can expect to pay for damage.   * Please note this table is an estimate as different model parts have different costs associated, you will receive an invoice with the actual part cost when submitting a claim or repair ticket.   

  • Cracked screen $90
  • Cracked frame $75
  • Lost/damaged charger $30
  • Keyboard/touchpad replacement $75
  • Damaged battery (replacement) $50
  • Internal damage (board and/or other components) $150
  • Camera replacement $35
  • Full device replacement $350

Insurance enrollment and cost

  • Device claim counts are reset per school year, coverage follows into the summer for summer coverage. (August 31 – August 30 of the following year).  
  • Insurance is NOT refundable once purchased.
  • The insurance has a rolling enrollment, you can sign up at any time throughout the school year.**  The price will remain the same throughout the year and your coverage date will be effective starting the day you sign up until the end of the school year.
    • For example, if you signed up for insurance in February, your insurance would be active until August 30 of the same calendar year and would be the full year cost, there are no discounts.
    • If you signed up for insurance in September, the same active date of August 30 would be in place. 
    • ** If you are enrolling in the summer (July – August) the insurance policy date will be for the FOLLOWING school year, starting August 30. 

Insurance for the 2023-2024 school year is $32.00.

Enrolling Online - Unibank

Payment and enrollment for the insurance can be done online using your credit card or checking account through Unibank.  * Please note that the cost of the insurance ($32) does not include Unibank’s check or credit card convenience fee. 

Click the button below to begin and look for “1:1 Device Repair Insurance” on the left side.

Fill out the form and checkout to confirm your enrollment.

Enrolling Offline - Check

You may enroll offline and pay by check.   Please submit a parent/guardian helpdesk ticket, or have your student submit a helpdesk ticket, requesting insurance enrollment. 

Once submitted, you will receive an invoice via email through the ticket.  Please make checks payable to “Hopedale Public Schools” and note the invoice # on the check memo.  Please mail the check to:

Hopedale Public Schools, attn: Technology Department, 25 Adin St. Hopedale MA 01747

OR have your student bring in the check to the Jr. Sr. High school office.  

  • Please note, any checks received without a valid ticket/invoice will not be processed until one is made.