Grade 7 students will be receiving their permanent 1:1 devices during the week of March 22 – 26. These devices will be used by the students throughout their high school career until they graduate.

Please re-read the 1:1 device orientation for any questions regarding the devices and 1:1 program that you may have. Please see important information below regarding the receiving of the new devices.


Due to the short timeline for the remainder of the year and the quick turnaround from us receiving the devices and getting them out to students, families will NOT have the option up for insurance for the remainder of the 2021 school year, all grade 7 student devices will be covered by insurance through the school district.

Optional insurance will be made available for the devices starting with the 2021-2022 school year.

Device Care

As a reminder, students will be using the same device for the next 5 years until they graduate. Devices will not be repaired or replaced (including those with the optional insurance) due to dings, scuffs, marks or other wear and tear as long as the device is operating properly. Caring for the device and keeping it clean is the responsibility of the student.

Receiving New Devices & Turning in Old Devices

Grade 7 students that currently have a 1:1 device will need to turn it in (with its charger) when receiving their new 1:1 device.

Students will receive their new 1:1 device in class during period 3 on Tuesday, March 23 and Thursday, March 25 for each cohort. At that same time they will turn in their old device and charger to the classroom.

Please ensure your charger has its asset tag (white label with a barcode and the student’s name) on it prior to being turned in. If this is missing, please attach a note (taped on) with the asset tag number or student’s name prior to turning it in. If a charger is turned in with no asset tag or note, we have no way to align it to the student meaning theirs will be noted as not turned in.

If a student has forgotten their device or charger during the turn in date they must return it as soon as possible to the office to avoid being invoiced for the full cost of a replacement.

RLA Students

Remote Learning Academy students can receive their new device by visiting the office starting Wednesday March 24 to pick up the new device. The old device AND charger must be turned in at that time to receive the new device.

Families that opted out of a 1:1 Device & Personal Devices

Please note as of March 2021 we will no longer be supporting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for students.  BYOD was initially supported as a supplement to our 1:1 device program, allowing more students to have devices in class while we were starting the program.  In addition the Department of Education has made it mandated that only school managed devices can be used for state testing, this makes it mandatory for us to supply all students with a device for state testing purposes (a personal device CANNOT be used).  

We now have full coverage of all students with district owned devices, all students will receive a district owned 1:1 device.  Students may use their own device at home, however the expectation will be to use only a HPS device in school. 

Families that originally opted out will need to sign a 1:1 Device Agreement form to receive a new 1:1 device.