End of School Year / Before Summer

Mobile Device & Accessory Turn in

  • ALL staff are to turn in any assigned mobile (laptop, chromebook, iPad, etc.) HPS device (AND CHARGER) before leaving for the summer. 
    • If you have an assigned accessory such as a webcam, document camera, hotspot, etc. that can also be turned in.  
  • Staff can begin turning in devices on June 15th and are due to be turned in by the end of the day June 21st.  
    • Jr/Sr. High School Staff – Devices can be turned in to the library/media center (we will have a designated location with a sign) and will be picked up every day after school.  Please do not turn devices into the main office or any other location.   
    • Memorial Elementary School Staff – Devices can be turned in to the staff room and will be picked up every day after school.  Please do not turn devices into the main office or any other location. 
    • Bright Beginnings Center Staff – Devices can be turned in to the BBC office.
  • No staff are permitted to keep their devices through the summer at this time; all devices must be turned in. We do not provide technology for professional/PDP/classes you may be taking as a staff member in the summer or needs outside of summer program teaching
    • If you are teaching a summer program that requires technology you will have the normal classroom technology available (desktop, smartboard/projector) to you where applicable and/or available with our summer technology maintenance of the building.  
    •  If you are a staff member that does other summer work (guidance/scheduling, PPS staff, administrators, building level staff) in which you need a HPS device to do your summer work, please submit a helpdesk ticket requesting a new/summer device after turning your current one in.

End of year / closing procedures

  • All classrooms will be unplugged and dismantled for summer so facilities can do their summer cleaning starting at the end of the day June 21st.
    • Please have your computer/teacher desk CLEAN / CLEAR of anything on top of it around the computer. We are not responsible for any personal items that may get lost, dropped, etc. during summer cleaning when unplugging and reconnecting your stations.
    • Remove any personal items from the computer – USB drives, Accessories such as wireless remotes or clickers, DVDs, etc. Anything left connected to the computer may be permanently lost during summer maintenance.
    • Ensure any files you want to keep are in your Google Drive, anything saved locally to the desktop (Downloads, My Documents, etc.) WILL BE ERASED.

Re-entry / beginning of year

  • My room has its furniture back in but it’s not in the correct spots and nothing is plugged in, can I move my furniture to where it goes? – Do not attempt to move any technology (or furniture with technology on it) yourself. Facilities & the technology department will move your room back to as it was before the summer.
  • My room looks cleaned and things are plugged in, can I start using my technology?See the list below for if your room’s technology is READY FOR USE, DO NOT ATTEMPT to reconnect or use anything if your room is not COMPLETE. Even if the room is cleaned and your technology is plugged-in, it does not mean the room’s technology is ready.
  • MOVING TECHNOLOGY IN YOUR ROOM – If you are interested in rearranging your room (location of technology) due to moving classrooms or other needs please submit a helpdesk ticket with your move request (we will visit you to go over the move and if it’s possible) BY JUNE 28TH. Any requests (other than new staff that weren’t here prior to this date) will not be able to be completed this summer.
  • I’M CHANGING ROOMS – In general the technology DOES NOT FOLLOW YOU. Please do not take any technology from your current room, the technology department will move anything that is specific to your needs (such as department or grade level where applicable) to your new room for you. We will also move and/or change your phone extension if applicable.

Technology/Building use during the summer

  • General Classrooms (other than summer school designated classrooms) and limited areas in the building ARE NOT available for technology use during the summer.
  • The wireless in all buildings during the 2021 summer WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE to any users or devices.
  • If you have a special need case for technology use during the summer, please submit a helpdesk ticket or see your building principal.
  • IMPORTANT: See the SUMMER IT Maintenance & Projects for detailed information on what is happening this summer and what it means for technology availability.

Summer IT Maintenance & Projects

Summer 2021 will include a massive network overhaul project in all buildings where all network switches and wireless access points are being replaced. Due to this, there will be little to no network access in all buildings at various times throughout the summer. Network access includes:

  • Desktop access
  • Wireless access (all devices)
  • Phone access
  • Printing access
  • General internet access
  • Badge/door access

Network Maintenance Project & Availability

Please see below for the current timeline including estimated dates and/or current status of the project.

All Buildings
  • June 27 – Wireless in all buildings will be disabled.
  • Wireless will become available again for the start of school. A Temporary wireless “HPS-Guest” is available at the JSHS (intermittent).
Jr. Sr. High School
  • The Jr. Sr. High School has internet access available to anyone in the guidance suite (212). There are two stations in the general area and (3) offices (212A, B, C) with a local printer available for use.
  • Network Printers will be available for the start of school.
  • Classroom desktops will be available for the start of school.

Memorial Elementary School

  • Memorial Elementary will have internet access available approximately for August 16 in selected areas. The remainder of the building will regain access approximately August 19.
  • Network Printers will be available for the start of school.
  • Classroom desktops will be available for the start of school.

Bright Beginnings Center

  • Bright Beginnings currently has internet access.
  • Internet will be going down for approximately 2-3 days August 19-23 for network maintenance and upgrades.
  • Full building access will be available approximately August 24.
  • Network Printers will be available for the start of school.

Memorial Elementary Classroom Devices

All classrooms are MES will receive a 1:1 device count for their classrooms including charging stations in the rooms for all devices. Students will NOT be taking any devices home, all devices are to stay in their assigned classroom. Each classroom will have a full class size number of devices.

New Copy Machines

All buildings are receiving brand new copy machines. These copy machines will have an embedded print release in which you can use your Staff ID to scan into and release any print jobs directly on the copy machine.

In addition the district MAY implement scanning your ID to authorize your use on the copy machine for copy quantity tracking and prevention of the machines being used by other users.

Outdoor Wireless

Wireless will be installed for OUTDOOR use of devices at MEs and the JSHS. Currently this is planned for the staff parking lot/front of the building at the Jr. Sr. High School and the Prospect driveway side of the building at Memorial Elementary. The wireless will enable device usage up to about 200′ from the building and be able to support numerous classes simultaneously outdoors.

Staff Desktop Conversion

Numerous staff that currently have a dedicated smartboard (currently limited to users with the touch-screen TV or IFP: interactive flat panel) will have their desktop/teacher station converted to a docking station and will be provided a Chromebook to use as their desktop station.

  • Staff with this setup will be able to use the Chromebook separate from the desktop/teacher desk including bringing it home when/if needed.
  • This setup will allow you more flexibility where you can use it just as you have used your desktop/teacher desk in the past while also being able to take it with you for PD, walk around with it inside your classroom, and have a seamless experience that you always have your teacher desk station available to use regardless of your location such as when your room is being used by another class.
  • MES specials staff (music, art, health, etc.) will also be provided a chromebook where you can bring your device to the classroom and dock your device at the teacher’s desk for a full desktop experience.