Virtual Assistance Appointment

When instructed to within your helpdesk ticket, or when you are confident you need a remove support session, you can request a support time slot from your helpdesk ticket. We will submit numerous options for you to choose from within your ticket.

Starting the remote session

If you are on a classroom desktop or smartboard we will remotely connect automatically during the appointment slot window.

If you are on a chromebook or not at the school, you will need to start the remote session for us, instructions can be found here.

In-Person Needs

If your issue is deemed to require more assistance than we can offer through remote support through your helpdesk ticket:

Mobile Device

If your issue is concerning a mobile device (laptop, chromebook, peripheral, tablet, ipad, etc.) you can drop off the device in the DROP OFF area designated at each building. Please follow the guidance on the signs/specific instructions provided in your ticket.

  • JSHS – Outside room 118
  • MES – Outside room 220/Library
  • BBC – Office

Non-Mobile Device

If your issue is concerning a non-mobile device (smartboard, projector, desktop, monitor, printer, etc.) that is in your room, we will visit after school hours when no one is present in the room to resolve the issue. In person technology support will not be available during school hours for the safety of students and staff.