MES Term Grade Posting

When you first log in to Aspen you will be brought to the Pages tab by default. On this page you will see the “Teacher Classes” widget with your subjects listed inside it. On there you will see a Grades Column and a Posted column. Under the Posted column is an empty box, this box will be filled with a green check mark once your grades are posted, symbolizing that you are complete with the grades for that subject. If you click on the computer icon with the pencil it will bring you directly to entering grades for that subject. To get to your grade columns to input scores click on the Gradebook tab:

Printing Grade Standards “Codes”

Once in the Gradebook tab, you will see a list of your “classes” which are your subjects to grade. From this list, to select the “class” you would like to print the grade standards codes for and also score, click the name (blue link) of that class and then click the Reporting Standards side-tab OR click the checkbox next to the name and then click the Reporting Standards side-tab.

From here you will see the codes for that “class”.  To print them out as a hard copy click the printer icon in the top right and select “Web Page (HTML)”.

A pop up window will appear with that data, press [Ctrl + P] on your keyboard to bring up your printer and print the page.

Entering Scores for Grade Posting

While still under the Gradebook tab, click the Scores side-tab.  You will be brought to your gradebook scoring screen.

Ensure you have the following setup with the dropdowns (View: Traditional,  Grade Columns: Post Columns – Term   ,  Term: T1 ,  Status: Enrolled)

The Class dropdown is where you select which “class” or subject you are inputting grades for.

When entering scores, if you are unsure or want to reference what your performance descriptions or grade options are for that input you can press [Ctrl + L] on your keyboard OR click Options -> Lookup on the top left of your screen.

This will bring a pop up window with your options (the code you can enter and the name describing the value).

You can select the bubble for the option you want and click OK, or simply close the window and type in the code you just observed.

From this point you can start inputting your grade inputs.  Grades entered in the fields are automatically saved, you do not need to click any save button.

Filling Down Grades

While inputting grades you have the option of filling grades down.  What this means is if you have a grade that is common, for the standard or grade column you are inputting, between all your students, you can fill that entire column in instantly rather than typing each field in individually.

To do this, click in the field box you want to fill down, and press [Ctrl + D] on your keyboard OR go to Options -> Fill-Down Values on the top left of your screen.