Many applications that are resource intensive are not available directly on Chromebooks. We have set up a system to virtually load these apps from your own device or a HPS 1:1 Chromebook that leverages cloud computing to deliver the applications directly in your web browser.

Applications currently available are:

  • Audacity
  • West Point Bridge Designer
  • Autocad 2020

Please view the introductory video or read below for instructions using the system.

Connecting to the Appstream system

You must be logged into your HPS Google account in order to use the system.

  • Once logged in click on the app drawer in the top right corner of your screen on any google page (gmail, drive, google homepage, etc.)
  • Scroll down until you see “HPS_JSHS_Unified Art Apps”. Additional virtual apps may be available for specific classes under a different name, please see your teacher if this is the case.
  • Choose the App you want to launch
  • It will take approximately 1-2 minutes for your session to be started:
  • Once it’s ready your App will automatically launch

Using the Appstream System

The toolbar at the top has controls for the following:

Launch app – You can have multiple applications running at the same time. Select an application from the list displayed here. Your current application(s) will remain open. Please note that if you encounter performance issues with multiple apps open you should close the apps you are not using.

Switch windows – If you have more than one application running, click this icon to display each of their windows. Click a window to bring that application to the front.

My Files – Access your Google Drive – Save to and open from your Google Drive

Clipboard – Only when not using Chrome. With other browsers, this is how you copy from an application in AppStream to your local clipboard for pasting into a local application, or from local to remote. Chrome does this automatically.

Settings – Enable microphone / Streaming mode / Screen resolution / Regional settings. Most people never alter these settings.

Enter fullscreen mode – ESC to exit.

Connecting your Google Drive

You’ll want to connect your Google Drive to the system the first time you connect by clicking the folder/My Files button in the toolbar.

Click Add Storage

Click Google Drive


Ensure your account is shown and click on your email:

Click Allow

Your Google Drive is now connected

Saving to or opening from Google Drive

Once connected you can open files from or save to Google Drive. In the program you’re using go to File -> Open or Save and click This PC when the explorer window comes up

Click Google Drive

You will see My Drive and can access your folders and files from there

Using Audacity (Enable Microphone)

When using Audacity or any other system that using your Microphone be sure to go to Settings

Click on Enable Microphone

click Allow when prompted