Hard resetting your Chromebook is a solution to various issues such as: a device that ‘wont turn on’, a device where only the backlight comes on, and sometimes a device that is not appearing to charge.

Step 1: Press and hold the refresh button

It is important to note that some Chromebooks have their power button on the side of the device (instead of on the keyboard). District models that use this are: Dell 3100 (student devices), Dell Latitude, ALL district Acer Chromebooks and others.

Step 2: While holding refresh, tap the power button (no more than 1-2 seconds)

Step 3: Release power, continue to hold refresh until Chromebook powers on.

Here’s a video of this process.

Still having trouble?

  1. Plug Chromebook into charger for 10-15 minutes
  2. Remove from charger and repeat
  3. Try process while on charger for batteries that were left in a critically-low state

If you are still experiencing issues, submit a helpdesk ticket.