Students taking the Remote MCAS for 2021 will not use the TestNav App to test and will use the TestNav Browser version located at:

Note that browser-based TestNav does NOT contain a ZOOM feature in the user dropdown; depending on the OS, students will instead use:

  • Windows/Chromebooks: “ctrl +” or “ctrl -” to zoom in and out.

Pre-Test Checks

Tests should be done on the device and network that the student will be testing on and if possible in the same physical location to simulate the actual test experience.

Check for Chrome updates.

Check the Chromebook for updates, you can follow this guide here to check for and update your Chromebook:

TestNav Browser Check

TestNav’s Browser check will verify you’re on a supported version of Chrome and do a quick network test of your speed and accessibility to TestNav’s domains.

Visit the Testnav Browser Check here:

Verify that all (4) tests on the browser check state PASSED.

Take a Practice Test

Students should have completed at least (1) practice test found at to confirm the test will operate properly on their device and network.

Chromebook Device Check & Troubleshooting

Additional checks can be done directly from a student’s Chromebook to verify battery, hardware performance and network connectivity/stability.

The only tabs that should be open during a test are (1) tab for the TestNav MCAS Test and (1) tab for Google Meet if/when instructed by your test proctor.

Battery, Performance and Network Connectivity Issues

Visit this page for troubleshooting battery and/or performance issues: