This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a Google Meet using your Google calendar.

A video of these steps is available here:

Step-By-Step with Pictures:

  1. Log in / go to your Hopedale Gmail
  2. Go to the top-right corner and click on the Google apps icon.
  1. Click on Calendar.
  1. In Google calendar, go to the top-left and click on the “+ create” button.
  1. At the bottom of the new window that appears, click the “More options” button.

This will bring up the advanced options for creating an event in your calendar.

  1. To make the event a Google Meet, click on the “Add video and phone conferencing” drop down menu and select the “Google Meet” option.

This will create a Google meet link within the event once it has been created.

  1. Finish filling out the rest of the criteria for the event.
  1. Add a title for your event
  2. Set the date of the event, when it will start, and how long the event will last. You can also set the event to repeat on a variety of different schedules.
  3. Add a description of what the event is about
  4. Add guests to your event. Either your entire class or specific individuals.
  5. IMPORTANT: Be sure to uncheck the guest permissions. You don’t want guests being able to modify your event or invite other guests.

Click the blue “Save” button to finish creating the event. 

Click “Send” and then “Invite” (if prompted) to send an email invitation to your guests.

The event will be added to your calendar and the calendar of the guests that were invited. Guests will also receive an email that informs them that they have been invited to the event.

Clicking on the event in your calendar will bring up a window that shows you details about the event and will provide you with a link you can click to access the Google Meet.

IMPORTANT: As the “organizer” of the Google Meet, you must be joined into the Google meet before your guests will be able to join.