Check for updates and restart your Chromebook

Most issues caused by an outdated version of Chrome and/or due to a pending restart can be resolved simply by checking for and applying an update and restarting your Chromebook.

Instructions on updating and restarting your Chromebook can be found here:

Battery, CPU & Memory Check

Your Chromebook (version 90 and above) has a built-in diagnostic check for your Battery, CPU and Memory. To launch this app:

Click the App Launcher in the bottom left corner

Click the search bar

Search for Diagnostics and click the Diagnostics App

If your battery is having problems (slow charge or not charging, battery not lasting long) please run the battery diagnostic test:

Click Run Discharge Test

It should state SUCCESS and show you the battery’s health statistics

If you are having performance issues (slow, crashes, camera/Google Meet issues) please run the CPU and Memory Test:

Click Run CPU Test

It should state SUCCESS for all tests

Click Run Memory Test

This test will take about 10-15 minutes

It should state SUCCESS when complete

If any test FAILS please click Save session log

Save the .txt file to your drive and upload it or share it with your helpdesk ticket

Network Connectivity

Your has a built-in connectivity diagnostic check for your Network connectivity. To launch this app:

Click on the app drawer in the bottom left corner

Click on the search bar

Enter “Connectivity” and click on the Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics app

The app will automatically run. Verify that everything passes.

If any test did NOT pass, please provide the information in a helpdesk ticket for assistance or review the test information provided.