Hopedale Public Schools 1:1 Device Program

Last Updated: July 10, 2023

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Hopedale Public Schools is pleased to offer a 1:1 device program to the school district where students in 6-12 have a dedicated 1:1 device to assist with learning in and out of the classroom.

Students in grades 7-12 will maintain and keep their device throughout their time at the JSHS.

Students in grade 6 will use a dedicated device for the school year and turn it back in before the summer.  They will then receive their permanent 7-12 1:1 device when entering grade 7. 

Guidelines and Expectations

Care & Maintenance
  • Do not use the device in the presence of food or drinks.
  • Take caution when inserting the charging plug into the charging port as well as USB or audio accessories to ensure the ports aren’t broken, most ports are not replaceable and require a full board or full device replacement if damaged.
  • When not in use, keep the device closed and stored in a safe location that will not fall or have anything put on top of it.
  • Never place any heavy object on top of the device.
  • The device’s keyboard or trackpad can be cleaned using an alcohol wipe or small amount of rubbing alcohol.  Please do not use a wet or damp cloth on the device.
  • Do not personalize the device or its case in any way including stickers, markers, etc.
Screen Care
  • Do not put any pressure on the backside of the screen when the device is closed, this can crack the screen.
  • You can clean the device’s screen using a non-abrasive cleaning cloth such as a microfiber cloth.  
  • Ensure there is nothing on top of the keyboard when closing the device (pens, pencils, etc.)
Transporting & Carrying
  • When transporting the device in your backpack ensure nothing heavy will press against the device.  If possible put the device in a cushioned area of your backpack, many backpacks offer a “laptop slot”. 
  • Do not throw your backpack when the device is contained within it.
  • Never lift the device by its screen.
  • Always close the device completely before carrying or transporting it.
Asset Tags
  • Every 1:1 device has an asset tag and label on it.  These will not fall off if undisturbed and can last up to 10 years.  Do not pick or peel at the label or tamper with it.  
  • Your device must be returned with the proper asset tag matching when it was provided to you, a different device will not be accepted and you will be charged the full cost of a replacement device.
Use at School
  • The 1:1 devices will be used in every class at school, please remember to follow your classroom’s guidelines.
  • You are expected to bring your device with you to school every day fully charged.
  • We encourage and support the use of the 1:1 device wherever applicable in the classroom, however teachers may have you put away your device for various lessons and/or reasons. It is to their discretion when and how you can use your 1:1 device in their classroom.
Use at Home
  • The 1:1 device is for educational purposes, you are still bound by the Acceptable Use of Technology when using the device, regardless of location.  The district may allow more lenient restrictions on filtering when at home to allow educational games, music, videos and other activities.
  • The device will have web filtering active regardless of its location in conjunction with federal guidelines to prevent illegal,  inappropriate, malicious or other prohibited activities. 
  • The school district does not monitor web traffic outside of the school building, however preventative filtering is in place on all devices.  Certain activities may  trigger alerts and be logged when remote from the school such as attempts to bypass web filtering or other malicious activities.  
  • You may use your home printer on your device if it is compatible via a USB cable (direct print via plug and play).
Damage, Repair, or Issues
  • The technology department is available to assist with any issues with your 1:1 device, students are required to submit a helpdesk ticket using the helpdesk system (available on the school website).
  • Physical damage, theft, or loss must be reported to the technology department as soon as possible (typically within 24 hours of the occurrence).  
  • All repairs, insurance claims and/or replacement parts must be acquired by and installed by the Hopedale Public Schools Technology Department. 
    Do not purchase any parts, attempt self-repair or use any other repair service on these school-owned devices, doing so will void your insurance, warranty and you may be responsible for the full cost of a replacement device.
  • If your device requires repairs that cannot be remotely addressed you will be instructed to drop it off with the technology department for repair.  You will be provided a loaner device to use while your device is being repaired if one is available and the repair time is expected to last more than 1 school day.  The same rules apply to the loaner device, it must also be returned in the condition it was provided at the end of the school day.

OPTIONAL insurance will be available for purchase for all 1:1 devices through the school district.  

Please view the page here for the optional device insurance coverage, limitations, terms and cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, only students in 6-12 receive 1:1 device, students in K-5 do not need to sign the agreement.

Yes, devices will travel between home and school every day as part of the student’s school resources just as books or other materials. 

We strongly recommend not taking the device on vacation to prevent damage and theft.  You will be responsible for the cost of the device if it was damaged or stolen while on vacation if device insurance was not in place. 

Students are required to submit a helpdesk ticket for their device for any damage or issues, the helpdesk can be accessed through the school website on any device.  

The device will be turned into the technology department and a temporary loaner may be provided until the damage is repaired if available.

The temporary loaner has the same use guidelines and requirements as the original 1:1 device and must be returned in the same condition it was supplied to receive their repaired device back.   

Optional insurance will be available to parents/guardians for any coverage. 

Only the supplied charger should be used with the device to prevent damage to the battery of the device.  If the charger is damaged or lost please follow the same guidelines as the “device is damaged” FAQ.

Chargers should be left at home.
All devices are expected to be charged at home by the students and brought into school fully charged. Chargers should not be brought in for safety reasons as well as prevention of loss/damage to their charger.  A few charging stations will be available throughout the building in case of a dead battery that will already have appropriate chargers in them. 

Students are expected to bring their devices with them to class everyday just as they have been required to bring books or other classroom resources with them in the past.  

Various charging stations will be available for students to charge their device if it is not fully charged and alternative materials may be temporarily provided by teachers while the device is unavailable. 

The devices can be used at school, home, the town library or anywhere the student can obtain a sufficient internet connection.

 If you cannot afford an internet service and/or qualify for free/reduced lunch, you may also be eligible for the school to provide internet access for you, please contact your building administrator regarding this.

A printer that is compatible with the 1:1 device can be used via a USB cable (direct print plug and play). Not all printers will be capable.

Non-student use is prohibited, such as a family member or friend using it at home to prevent damage and/or non-educational use.  The devices are locked to Hopedale accounts to prevent this.

Standard 3.5mm auxiliary audio devices such as headphones, earbuds and headsets can be used with the devices.  USB plug and play (no installation of drivers required) will also be able to function such as wired or wireless mice, usb headsets/headphones and USB drives (for file transfers). 

The 1:1 devices are the property of the Hopedale Public Schools, they are being supplied to students to use as school/classroom resources.

Gr. 6 Devices will be collected at the end of every school year.  Current grade 7-11 students will keep their devices for the summer.  Gr. 12 (graduating seniors) will turn in their devices before graduation.

Devices are required to be turned in if leaving the district, similar to a book used by a class.

The devices are owned by Hopedale Public Schools and provided as a school resource.  They should not have stickers attached, written on, or marked for personalization in any way. 

Devices and/or cases that are personalized will need to have the cost of the removal and/or replacement reimbursed. 

As of March 2021 we will no longer be supporting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for students.  BYOD was initially supported as a supplement to our 1:1 device program, allowing more students to have devices in class while we were starting the program.  In addition the Department of Education has made it mandated that only school managed devices can be used for state testing, this makes it mandatory for us to supply all students with a device for state testing purposes (a personal device CANNOT be used).  

We now have full coverage of all students with district owned devices, all students will receive a district owned 1:1 device.  Students may use their own device at home, however the expectation will be to use only a HPS device in school. 

1:1 Agreement Signature

Students at the Jr. Sr. High School must have the 1:1 agreement signed prior to receiving their 1:1 device as they will be keeping the devices throughout their high school career.

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