Wifi Settings

  1. Connect to the HPSE network from the list of available networks
  2. Enter the settings based on the below template:

[EAP Type]: PEAP
[Phase 2 authentication] or [Inner Protocol] (different devices label this differently): MSCHAP V2  
[Username/Identity]: network/computer credentials (NOT EMAIL ACCOUNT): lastf23
[Certificate]: Do Not Check
[Outer Identity] or [Anonymous Identity] (different devices label this differently): —-Leave Blank—–
[Password]: network/computer credentials (same password as email): ******  

If you are unable to connect to the wireless using these correct settings you are most likely entering the wrong password. Please verify your password is correct by using it to log into a district computer or your email. If you have verified your settings and password to be correct please submit a helpdesk ticket for further assistance.