Personal devices such as personal cell phones, personal laptops, or other mobile devices are allowed to use the HPS wireless network called ‘HPS-Guest’.

 The ‘HPSE’ and ‘HPS-SchoolDevices’ Network is for Hopedale Public Schools devices ONLY and you will not be able to connect to it with a personal device.

Select ‘HPS Guest’ from the list of available wireless networks

  1. Navigate to the bottom right of your task bar and click on the network icon to open the list of available networks

2. Select ‘HPS-Guest’ from the list of available networks

Check ‘Connect Automatically’ and then ‘Connect’

3. Wireless Authentication Portal

Make sure you check the Acknowledgement box and then click ‘Sign in with Google’

4. Login with your HPS Google Account

After you sign in with Google it can take up to a minute or so to fully authenticate with the guest network.