All staff members have the ability to register a guest for wireless and computer access.  This should be used for academic purposes only such asa  guest presenter/speaker in your class.

This is available from any device with a web browser, including mobile devices.

  1. Visit the Guest Registration page.
  2. Login using your computer credentials.
  3. Fill out the form accordingly.  Please include appropriate information such as the location (building, room or general area), and purpose (presenting for example).  Improperly filled out registrations may be disabled prematurely.
  4. Select the duration of access – if you need guest access longer than 5 days, please submit a helpdesk ticket.
  5. Enter the guest’s desired username and password – they will use these to log on to the wireless and/or computer.  Please note, all guest accounts have a prefix of “hpsgst_”.  If you enter a username of  jsmith, the username they would log on with would be “hpsgst_jsmith”.
  6. Provide and/or print out the guest login ticket (available after submitting the registration).
    Click on the Print button to print the guest ticket out.
  7. You as the staff member are responsible for your guest when registering them.  Please ensure they are using their access appropriately and for academic purposes only.