To navigate to the movie streaming platform go to Technology -> Systems -> Movie Streaming OR bookmark this link:

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Here you can browse movies, filter by categories or search for a specific movie title

Requesting Additional Movies

Depending on the movie, we may already have it in our catalog.
Once a teacher requests a movie to be used, it is added for the whole district to use. Here you can see some movies that need to be requested first and one that is playable already.

When requesting a movie you will need to fill out a quick short form, mostly with when you need the movie by, what course/class it’s for and what it’s being used for in your class — this is required in conjunction with the education viewing license that permits us to play the movies for education purposes.

Please Note: If you do not provide enough information on how the movie/scene connects to your class’s curriculum then the company will either prompt you for additional information or simply deny the request. Keep an eye out for any follow-up emails after making a request.

When a movie is ‘available’ that means we have it in our catalog and you can instantly play it. Click on the title and you can click Watch.

Sharing a Movie with Students

In addition you will have the ability to SHARE the movie.

Sharing a movie will give you the ability to have a direct link to the movie for STUDENTS to view. It can be viewed by students anywhere on their devices, including at home. Using this you could assign part of a movie to watch, finish, reference, etc. as part of an assignment. They do have the ability to skip to direct times in the movie from the player.