This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to download, install, and log into Google Drive File Stream on your personal computer.

Click on the appropriate link below to start downloading the Google Drive File Stream installer.

Windows download:

Mac Download:

If prompted with a warning (by Windows or Mac), click to continue with the download.

How to install and log into Google Drive File Stream using Windows 10.

  1. After clicking the above “Windows download” link, wait for the file to fully download to your computer.
  1. Navigate to the “Downloads” folder on your personal computer.

2a)  Use the Windows search bar located next to the Windows start button and type “This PC” and click.

This will open a new window.

2b)  Double click on the “Downloads” folder located in this new window.

  1. Double click the “GoogleDriveFSSetup” installer (.exe) file.
  1. If prompted about “making changes to your device”, click “Yes”.
  1. Click the “Install” button. If you wish to add shortcuts to your desktop, then check the respective boxes.

By default, the Drive File Stream program will launch when you start your computer.

  1. When it has finished installing, a new window will appear which will prompt you to log in.

Use your Hopedale email and password.

  1. Close out of this window:

A new window will appear (Step 8).

7a) You can also click “Close” on the installer window.

  1. Click on “My Drive” to access everything in your Google Drive.

The Google Drive File Stream is synced to your hopedale Google account, so everything that is currently in you Google Drive (normally accessed via Chrome) will appear in “My Drive”. 

  1. A new folder will be present in your Google Drive that will be called your user name (Example: trobinson or ntoupin). Click on that folder to access all of the files that were located on your old H-drive.

These files are now part of your Google Drive (G:) and are simply in a sub-folder to keep them initially separate from the rest of your Google Drive. You can organize these files on your Google Drive however you see fit.

Additional Info:

  1. When looking for your “My Drive”, go to your tray icons in the bottom right corner of the screen and click on the “Drive File Stream” icon.

This will bring up a small window which is an overview of recently synced files. 

Click the folder icon in the upper right corner.

This will bring up the window pictured in Step 8.

  1. You can also access your “My Drive” by going to “This PC” (See Step 2a) and double clicking on “Google Drive File Stream (G:)”.

This will bring up the window pictured in Step 8.