This guide contains the information discussed during the New Teacher Orientation and includes addition information and links to relevant TechHub articles.

Slide 1: User Accounts & Passwords – Part 1

Guide on setting up 2-FA:

Please submit a ticket before having students sign up / create an account on any website using their Hopedale account. Websites must have their privacy policy reviewed by the Tech Department to ensure we are remaining compliant with state and federal laws related to student accounts.

Slide 2: User Accounts & Passwords – Part 2

Guide for submitting absence:

Slide 3: TechHub Help Center

There are lots of other helpful articles you can search for using keywords. If you cannot find what you need, please submit a ticket.

Slide 4: Submitting a Ticket – Part 1

Here is a direct link to our ticketing system:

Please note: We cannot resolve issues that we are unaware of. Please let us know when problems occur.

Please provide as much notice as possible for hardware/software requests (webcams, document cams, software installs, etc), URL unblocks, etc (min 24 hour notice) so that we have time to process the request. These tend to be done after school.

Requests for new hardware / software (moderately expensive new things we need to buy) will need to be requested in November when the Technology Requests survey is sent to all staff. This is so the expense can be budgeted for the next school year.

Tickets for Facilities use the same system, but are in a separate location. Technology staff do not see Facilities tickets.

Slide 5: Submitting a Ticket – Part 2

Please keep an eye out for updates to your ticket. We will not chase you down if you don’t respond to our questions in the ticket.

Providing as much information as possible in the initial ticket submission will reduce the time it takes for the ticket to be resolved. As we work through the ticket, we will provide updates and information for any “next steps” that are needed.

Slide 6: Using the Phones

Slide 7: Connecting to the WiFi

Here is a link on how to connect your Windows personal device to HPS-Guest:

Other device users will connect the same way, but will connect to HPS-Guest via its network / wifi settings.

Mac / iPhone users may need to turn off the “Randomize Mac Address” option in their settings so that the network can automatically reconnect you to the wireless each day.

Please Note: We do not provide support for personal devices beyond providing basic how-to’s and basic problem-solving ideas.

Slide 8: Tech in the District – Part 1

A large number of setups in the district are now the docking station/Chromebook setup.

If you have the docking station setup, here is some additional information:

Slide 9: Tech in the District – Part 2

A large number of the classrooms have the TV based interactive boards.

These boards have an embedded operating system with some simple functions. Each board has a dedicated computer (either a Windows device or a Chromebox) connected to it. If the board does not automatically default to the computer, it can be accessed through the input menu on the board.

Please submit a ticket if you are having issues or want to schedule a time to go over the basics.

Slide 10: Tech in the District – Part 3

You will need to sign into Deledao (yellow sign in button) when you first log into a device and try to navigate to a website. Please submit a ticket if you are being prompted to sign into Deledao on a daily basis.

Students can submit website unblock requests directly to you. Please see the following guide on how that is done:

Please note: We frequently review what is getting unblocked. We will veto any that are deemed inappropriate for school and email you directly to explain why.

Here is some care & cleaning information for devices in the district:

Slide 11: Policies

School committee policy:

Hopedale Schools AUP: (reference only, do not sign)

School issued devices, accounts, and network access must only be used for Hopedale Public Schools related teaching / learning. Personal / none HPS academic related uses is a violation of your agreement.

Please note: We have full access to your HPS account’s web and email history. We also have access to all web traffic that uses our network. We do not actively monitor traffic / histories, but the information can be accessed should the need arise.

Slide 12: Google Drive Storage

Windows based HPS devices have Google File stream already installed on them. Here is a link on how to install it on a personal device and how to use it:

Slide 13: Email Groups

Please let us know if you are not receiving emails from an email group you are a part of or need to be added to a specific email group.

Phishing Awareness

Please be extra careful when responding to emails, over the last 2-3 years there has been an increase in phishing attempts. Here are some general things to lookout for:

We have implemented the above pictured systems to help make you more aware when an email is suspicious. Take these warnings seriously, look for other signs like bad grammar, bad spelling, or direct links that require you to log in with your Google account.

If it doesn’t feel right, call the person or email them directly from your contacts list (don’t respond to the suspicious email) to confirm that they sent the email.

Here are some account security information & tips:

Fun Facts: Over a two month period (60 days) our systems block on average:

  • 300 malicious/suspicious Gmail login attempts.
  • 5000 malicious files that were clicked on by a user (agreed to download).
  • 6000 emails that contained malware or were detected phishing attempts. (400,000 total emails received)
  • 455,500,000 (yes, million) malicious attempts to get into our network at the JSHS alone.