Received an invoice from the Technology Department for a broken device? Here is a guide on how you
can pay for the repairs!

Method 1: Pay with Unibank (preferred)

Step 1: Navigate to
Search for ‘Hopedale Public Schools’ in the search bar in the middle of the page.
Step 2: Select the + icon to open the ‘Device Repair’ Tab and choose the correct subsection

‘1:1 Damage Reimbursement’ is for ALL DAMAGED DEVICES (screen repairs, broken keys, etc), please only select ‘1:1 Repair Insurance’ if you are buying the insurance.

Please make sure the pay amount is the full amount on the provided invoice and that you include the
ticket number in the correct field.

Step 3: Fill out ALL required fields and update your IncidentIQ ticket

In your ticket, please let us know you paid for your damage online. A link to the ticket system is below:

Method 2: Pay with a Check

Certain fields should match the invoice to ensure the outstanding balance is paid in full and makes its way to the Technology Department. Checks can be brought to the Main Office.

Please match the following corresponding fields.