You can submit a helpdesk ticket at any time for assistance:

Parents/Guardians can submit a helpdesk ticket to receive support for:

  • Assistance with a 1:1 student device
  • Student account assistance (Clever and password for student account(s))
  • Aspen Parent Portal Assistance

Support for a 1:1 student device

Asset Tag #

When you submit a ticket for a 1:1 device you must provide the asset tag #. This is on a white label, also containing your student’s name, found on the 1:1 device. It will be a letter followed by 4 or 5 numbers, such as “L1234”.

If your student’s label was peeled off, a backup asset tag can be found on the BACK of the device on a silver label with the same asset tag number.

Live Support

You may also join live support during a normal school day (8:30 AM – 3:00 PM) when available to receive support. Live support will be available when technology department staff are not currently assisting other members of the school district.

If live support is available you will see it in the bottom right of the screen when viewing this page.