Staff and students generally have different filtering profiles, meaning if you can access a website as a teacher it isn’t 100% the case that students can also access it. Staff have greater boundaries/permissions on website categories.

In addition do note we have (2) layers of website filtering on-site while only (1) offsite, meaning students on campus will have more strict/additional filtering compared to students at home, this is due to the second layer on-site being for security purposes.

How can I as a teacher check a website to see if my students will be able to reach it without issue?

You can do this in two ways – self service or submit a ticket for us to check.

Check a website or websites yourself

  1. Grab your HPS assigned Chromebook
  2. Note the test account credentials found here to test with (one for MES and one for the JS/HS)
  3. Do note that MES students will have slightly different filtering permissions than a JS/HS student, please test with the appropriate account
  4. Login on your chromebook using the test account
  5. You will have the same exact permissions / filtering as a student at your selected school while on the test account

Submit a ticket

We can check a website or websites for you, just submit a ticket and be sure you include the full URL(s) of the website!