Restarting your chromebook can resolve a lot of issues you may be having if it has not been turned on for a while or shutdown properly and needs an update.

Checking for an Update

  • Click the bottom right area where the time is
  • Click the settings cog wheel icon
  • Click About Chrome OS on the bottom left side:
  • It will show you the version you are running, click Check for Updates if available and let it download the update:
  • When it is complete click the Restart button OR proceed with the normal restarting your chromebook instructions below.
  • After updating you should repeat this process as it can have multiple updates pending and cannot do all of them at one time.

Restarting Your Chromebook

  • Click the bottom right area where the time is:
  • Click the power icon in the list:
  • Wait until the device has completely powered off then press the power button to turn it back on.