All students will be filtered for YouTube videos.  If they search for content on YouTube, many videos will be removed due to this filtering:

If they visit a video directly that is filtered they will receive this error:

As a staff member you can approve videos to be unblocked.  While visiting YouTube videos (you must be logged into your Google account to do this!) you will now see a blue bar below the video showing whether the video is allowed or not.

Example of a video that is allowed:

Example of a video that is currently being blocked for students:

To allow this video for students click on the Approve button in the blue bar.  The text will then change:

If you are being filtered as a staff member

Please ensure you are logged into your Google Account while on YouTube.
You can check for this in the top right of the webpage.  If you are logged in it will show your Google Profile picture and when clicked on it will show your account info:

If you are not logged in it will instead show a blue Sign In button:

If you are logged in and still being filtered, you can disable “Restricted Mode” if you scroll to the bottom of the page by clicking on the Restricted Mode dropdown, selecting the Off bubble and clicking Save: