Welcome to your new Chromebook & docking station. See below for important information.

For more information visit the techhub at https://techhub.hopedaleschools.org and search for ‘docking station’.
or scan this QR code:

Can I take this home?

Please note that these are the property of the school district and should not be used for any use outside of educational use with Hopedale Public Schools, they are not a personal device.  If a device is lost or stolen while outside of the district you may be held responsible for the cost of the full replacement.

How do I use it with my monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers/dock it?

You’ll have a single USB-C cable coming from your monitor/docking station. Plug that into either side of the Chromebook. By default the screen will be ‘Extended’ so you now have (2) monitors.

You can set it to ‘mirror’ so they show the same screen if desired (see the techhub article linked above for instructions).

What is the charger for?

The charger is for use at home or when not in your classroom, the DOCKING STATION will charge your chromebook.
DO NOT plug in the charging cable while also using your docking station.