Exporting to files (offline copy)

If you would like an offline copy of your data, please follow the instructions for using Google Takeout here:


Transferring to another Google account

You can also keep your data in Google by transferring it to a new Google account, including a free @gmail.com account. Follow the steps below:

1 – Go to https://takeout.google.com/transfer?hl=en

2- Enter the email address of the Google account you wish to transfer the files to, like a personal email. Click the blue ‘Send Code’ button.

3 – A code will be sent to the email address that was entered. This is a security feature to verify the account.

Click the blue ‘Get confirmation code’ button. A new tab will appear with your code.

4 – Enter your code in the original Google takeout tab. Click the ‘Verify’ button.

5 – Once verified, you can choose to transfer the contents of your Google Drive, Gmail, or both.

Click the ‘Start Transfer’ button.

Copied Gmail files: will be labeled the account name and the date of the copy process.

Copied Google Drive: will be in a folder labeled the account name and the date of copy process.

The account you transfer to will become the owner of the copied files. The original files will remain on the original account and will not be changed.